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EP No. 3- ‘Dear Sir’
Le Grand Magistery Records, HRH-040
Released November, 2006

Track Listing:
Little Red Radio ♫
CAU (Sans Muscle)
Dear Sir
The Lot We Came Home With
Wake Up Wake Up Wake Up
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You look fine in your Citizen’s Army Uniform.

Dear Sir, as it stands, is a pretty unique track in the Pas/Cal canon. If anything, simply for how it was organized, performed and recorded. We were all at Panic’s luxury resort house. It was sunny outside, but the basement studio we all huddled in was particularly dark. LTD and his drum kit were closed off in the wine cellar (note: Panic has since made this room into an Amphibian study center). The rest of us, I believe, were in an adjacent room, armed with our instruments. I was sitting on a revolving staircase, my amp resting behind me on a higher step. I could see Burgundy, Casimer, Panic and Gene just below. Once we got going, the song nearly made itself. A live improvisation, later enhanced and edited by Casimer and his magic ear, into a fully realized song with vocals. – Trevor

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