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Traveling to a new city can be an exciting experience. But it can also be stressful if you don’t know what to expect. Farazi Transport has been providing tours in Bangladesh for over ten years, so we have seen it all! If you are looking for a tour package that will help make your journey more enjoyable and memorable, then look no further than Farazi Transport’s selection of top-rated tours:

Low-Cost Tourist Bus Hire

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to explore the wonders of Bangladesh, then our tourist bus hire is the best option for you. We provide you with the best price for your trip. You can get a discount on our tourist bus hire if you book it online through our website or at one of our offices in Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet cities.

You can rent a tourist bus from Farazi Transport which will allow us to make more money than if we had hired it ourselves by renting out individual seats within each vehicle instead of having everyone travel together in one large group.

Exclusive Tourist Bus Rentals

Farazi Transport is a leading Bus Rental Company that provides all kinds of Tourist bus, Minibus for Rent on all types of events such as Weeding, Picnic, Partly and Long Tour. If you are planning to hire or rent Tourist Bus on Daily or Monthly basis Contact us today. Browse to check the latest Bus collection.

We have a wide range of vehicles including: Minibuses (7 Seater), 12 Seater Bus, 15 Seater Deluxe Bus etc., which can accommodate up to 50 passengers each time with an option to add extra seats at no extra cost. Our buses are equipped with modern amenities like LCD TVs with satellite channels & DVD players/cassette players etc., so that our customers can enjoy their journey in complete comfort & luxury by watching movies on their own mobiles while travelling!

Luxury Tour Bus Hire

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Specialized Tourist Coach Hire

Specialized Tourist Coach Hire

With Farazi Transport’s specialized tour buses, you can hire a coach with numerous features and benefits. These coaches are available for different purposes such as school trips, sports events and corporate travel. These customized buses can be used for transportation of large groups of people.

Farazi Transport will help you to find the best tour package at a reasonable price.

Farazi Transport is a reliable and trustworthy travel agency. They will help you to find the best tour package at a reasonable price. Visit to Hire/Rent for Tourist Bus for your Events.

Booking your tour with Farazi Transport will let you travel in style and comfort. Our vehicles are premium quality and our drivers are trained professionals who know their way around the city. The best thing about our service is that it’s affordable for everyone from backpackers newbie travelers to locals who have been living here all their lives!