How Web Design is Changing – The Evolution of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Change is the only constant in this entire universe. Even the world of web is not exempted from this cycle of change. If we take a look at the websites and the design of these websites, there has been always a change and all our latest developments are a result of this change. Look at the evolution of websites and you will realize how far the technology has gone in offering us the best of solutions.

The once static websites have evolved into dynamic ones and there is no waiting required for response and communication to take place. You have all your solutions at your fingertips. A number of online businesses, their websites and out-of-the-box ideas to impress customers are competing hard to make things easier for us. Carousels, hamburger menus, single page websites and the lists go on; everything is paving the way to develop a great business-customer experience.

When you have a customer-focused business, there is no looking back. How can we determine a business is customer-centered or not?

It depends on how well you treat your customers. Very simple, isn’t it? But, when it comes to the world of web, there are certain things that you must be taking into account before you work on creating an adorable user experience.

our website and the flow that it takes your customers through matters a lot when it comes to ensuring and offering a great customer experience over the web. The user experience is something that determines whether they will come back or not.

We are all striving to offer the best of experiences over the web. We have everything that makes it easier starting from responsive websites to omni-marketing channels. But, then, even this needs to change or let us say, all this will be soon replaced with real time experience.

Everything is changing. The world of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is overshadowing all the existing trends of the web and will soon be fostering upon offering the best of user experience to its people.

The emergence of Virtual Reality
Jaron Lanier is the brains behind the so-called Virtual Reality and I am unsure of how many among my readers are aware of the fact that it’s been here starting from the 80’s.

Now what exactly is Virtual Reality?

It could be the recreation of an artificial, computer-generated simulation or real-life situation wherein the user is traveling in real time experiencing the realistic feel through their senses (eyes and ears).

Hardly, there is anyone not familiar with Facebook’s Oculus that is the show stealer amongst the VR equipments that are available. The VR as you know is usually transmitted or experienced fully through devices that are adorned as a headset and can be used in either of the following ways:

Firstly, you can use these for creating a real-life like situation and then, practicing in the scenario to equip yourself for facing what lies ahead in the future.

Secondly, this can be used for beautifying the experience of imaginary but real situations, such as entertainment or games that include video games, 3D movies and even the games that you play on your computer.

Augmented Reality
Now you have the imagination that is brought closer; when you have a technology that unveils a layered series of improvisation over the computer generated strategies that has been mounted on a visually imagined reality bringing life to it offering the people with a more enhanced interactive option, the scenario changes and you have the Augmented Reality before you.

Here, you have digitization being developed further; while AR is usually accessible via apps that can be used on the Smart devices composing together the digital elements from the real world such that they complement one another providing the best user experience.